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January 1, 2013


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Hi guys!  Some of you answered my poll with your favorite deviations, and how about that, I'm putting them up here! :dummy:  Along with other images from their galleries, nice and mixed in.  And maybe random stuff too, I never know until I'm finished.  Anyway, enjoy! :heart:

Bringer of Light by PhoenixalThor Chess game by majavuckovic

Incubus - Willy the Baby Eater by diphylla Pestilence by Ptollemy

Dear Claudia by MariaBeloArt Venus Is Passing By by TheDreamBelow

Cephalia by TJSGrimm Hide from graveyard John by BellaGBear Sweet Merciful Death by Mscheveous

Medieval Necromancy by frenchfox :bigthumb295079138:

Leon by TJSGrimm By the Moonlight by TheDreamBelow Contained by diphylla

How Peculiar by diphylla Pumpkin Witch by diphylla

Life Tree by diphylla Space Worship by diphylla

All I Know is Falling by diphylla At Midnight by diphylla

As Peaceful as the Grave by PhoenixalThor Tranquil by PhoenixalThor Quiet Reflection by PhoenixalThor

Haven by PhoenixalThor

Dreaming Of You by PhoenixalThor La Fleur Noir by PhoenixalThor The Gift by PhoenixalThor

Lady of the Forest by MariaBeloArt Color Blind by MariaBeloArt

The VampireI felt the sweet pain in my neck
Like little knifes cutting deep
I felt my heart beating faster
Pumping blood towards an open wound
Felt it flow down my neck
and felt you lick it softly
with hunger
with passion
Angry tears fell from my face
as you touch the curves in my body
You are so gentle and so deadly
I felt my life slipping away
While you feast over my body
I felt like going into a slumber
And calmly left this world
But when i faint into the void
Something pulled me back and woke me up
and i felt an hunger i never felt before
i felt a need to feed like no other
You were looking  at me, sitting in the corner
Smiling kindly, like to a child
A child who was just born
Your child and eternal lover
I felt angry at you
but i fell in love in a second
in a heart beat, the one i don't feel anyone
and then is when i became......
The Vampire
SylvannasShe was once a great General
She sworn to protect Quel'Thalas from harm
Once the Ranger-General of Silvermoon, Sylvanas Windrunner
was murdered by the death knight, Arthas
Once her friend, he was consumed by his hate and power.
Brought back as a creature of undeath,
she was turned into a bunshee
she didn't feel, she didn't thought
she only stand as a creature of death, an undead.
But her memories returned
and the pain of treason roam through her veins
She rebelled against the scourge and her maker
And she possessed a body of a fallen.
She morns for the life she lost
She grieves for the city she couldn't protect
But she swear she will make them all pay
And she sings for the life she once had.
Lady Sylvannas Windrunner will prevail
She frees the mind of the ones like her
And she raises an army of people
Those people who call themselves

Praying for Peace by MariaBeloArtAutumn Glow by MariaBeloArt

Gone Away by Mscheveous I Wait by Mscheveous Lost In Sorrow by Mscheveous

These Dreams by Mscheveous Snow Angel by Mscheveous

The Gatekeeper by Ptollemy Adoption by Ptollemy :thumb334702652:

The Noise in my Head by Ptollemy

The Connection by Ptollemy :thumb332126679: Next step by majavuckovic

Answer by majavuckovic

:thumb315859669: 27 by majavuckovic Finish by majavuckovic

Whatever It Takes by TheDreamBelow Demoness by TheDreamBelow

Psyche by TheDreamBelow A Place to Call Home by TheDreamBelow Natural Beauty by TheDreamBelow

Auroras :: Commission by TJSGrimm

Princess Zelda :: Fan Art by TJSGrimm Stopwatch Hearts by TJSGrimm :thumb301294897:

Sour Grapes by TJSGrimm Tesseract :: Gift Art by TJSGrimm

Sighs of blood by frenchfox At the borders of the Kingdom by frenchfox La Comtesse Vampire by frenchfox

1943 by frenchfox

Last day of a Vampire by frenchfox Beyond the walls by frenchfox


:thumb345830853: :thumb300720092: :thumb299252666:


:thumb290109209: :thumb280661223:

Full Moon by BellaGBear

In your head it is rubble rubble,
you're in a self-created bubble
of think think think
You're searching so confused
for answers that are subdued,
that is not the way
If you would stop thinking
let true feelings sink in
life would be easy
Edward 1 by BellaGBear

Paolo Nutini by BellaGBear
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